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Going Green

Green ProductsThere are the basic needs in life; food, water, clothing and shelter. Our homes, our shelters, are more than a mere physical structure. They are the place where we retreat for protection, comfort and spend time with friends and family. The materials used for and in our homes reflect who we are but these materials can come at a large cost to our environment.

Today, manufacturers, architects, designers and builders are stepping up to address their role in providing materials, designs and practices that pave the way for environmentally responsible homes.

You have a role too. Whether you are remodeling or building new, choosing Green materials for your home will benefit your health, comfort, environment and finances.

In this section, we are going to cover what it really means to be green, tips on how you can be more green, hot new products that make it easy to be green and remain stylish at the same time.

Green Flooring

Green flooring is any flooring that is sustainable, eco-friendly, contains recycled content, is recyclable, leaves a small carbon footprint or has low VOC's (Volatile Organic Compound). There are different degrees of green when referring to different types of flooring.


cork Green floorBetter than a renewable resource because it is a harvested resource (only the bark is harvested from the tree)
A recycled product because cork floors are made from the waste cork that makes wine stoppers.
A law in the 1930's called “The 9 Year Law” was passed to keep cork from being harvested any sooner than every 9 years. The tree has to reach 60 cm in circumference before it can be harvested. The first harvest from a cork tree can only occur at age 25.
The tree is not destroyed or damaged when harvesting cork.
To complete the environmentally sound process, water based finishes and adhesives should be used.


Bamboo is a rapidly renewing resource that matures in three years
It regenerates without need for replanting
It also requires minimal fertilization or pesticides
There currently is no FSC certified bamboo so it is important to see what you can confirm about the bamboo you are interested in before purchasing.


According to the Carpet and Rug Institute: The carpet industry is minimizing carpet's impact on the environment through the new “3 Rs” which stand for reduce, reuse and recycle. When carpet reaches the end of its long life, it is reused to make new carpet or is recycled into a variety of products, ranging from roofing shingles and railroad ties to automotive parts.
Factors that determine if carpet is “green”: carpet fibers, toxics content, dye, VOC emissions, and recycled content.
The Green Label and Green Label Plus from the Carpet and Rug Institute ensure that customers are purchasing among the lowest emitting carpet, adhesive and cushion products on the market.


There is no clear data on the impact of using stone as a building material on the environment; when the data is collected it will contain information on water and energy consumption, yields from raw materials, recyclability  and other measures that are considered in life cycle assessments, energy used in transportation, processing and selling the material.

stone Green floorsStone does have the following features:



Ceramic Tile

Carpet Cushion

Carpet cushion can be:


Tips for Adhesives:

Green Maintenance

In addition to types of green flooring, there are products that can be used in conjunction with flooring that may possess green qualities. The most common are adhesives and cleaners. There are further considerations than just the actual flooring that will be purchased. The installation method and products used should be taken into consideration as well as how the final product will be maintained.

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Tips for Cleaners:

Maintaining your green living space:

Purchase hardwood floors with the FSC Seal that are not clear cut or harvested in a sustainable fashion. There are only 4% of our own native, old growth forests still standing. The US is the worlds largest importer and consumer of timber woods and products.

Other Green Building Selections To Consider

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