Luxury Vinyl Laminate Flooring (LVP/LVT)

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If you like the natural beauty of hardwood flooring or stone but want quick and simple installation with minimal maintenance, laminate flooring is your answer. Laminate flooring is easy to maintain with years of lasting beauty. The luxury vinyl tile (LVT) or luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring now available is one of our most popular and desired flooring types given the many options in style, durability, and pet and stain resistance. Let’s not forget waterproof as well! We carry the top brands including Bliss, Kraus, Meridian, and others!

Our goal is to provide you with quality resilient flooring products that offer a positive and lasting effect on your home. Products that beautify your home, enhance décor, meet your specific comfort, performance and budget needs, are easy to care for, and stand the test of time. To help achieve our goal, we've created a library of resilient flooring knowledge, style choices, shopping tips, buying considerations and upkeep dos and don'ts. It's all conveniently contained in this section of our website.

 Vinyl Brands Carried 

  • Armstrong
  • Beauflor
  • Cortex
  • Eastern
  • Easy Worx
  • Fusion
  • Johnson
  • Mannington
  • Mohawk
  • Shaw

Resilient Floors

  • have some "give" or elasticity when you walk across them
  • often used in kitchens and baths
  • resistant to moisture
  • wide variety of colors and textures
  • easy to keep clean
  • main enemy is grit or sand
  • completely customize your floor by mixing contrasting colors patchwork style, creating medallions or curved cuts
  • some resilient floors are vinyl but not all vinyl floors are resilient
  • 2 types of vinyl flooring: sheet vinyl and luxury vinyl tile (LVT)

Luxury Vinyl Tile / Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVT/LVP)

  • all the advantages of vinyl
  • available in a wide array of colors
  • can look good anywhere
  • spare tiles can be kept on hand to repair worn areas
  • opens up unlimited possibilities for creating unique patterns
  • water resistant

Vinyl flooring

  • no other flooring offers the selection, styling, ease of maintenance and value
  • can realistically mimic the look of ceramic, stone and wood grain
  • linoleum is not a resilient flooring.
livingroom vinyl floors

Vinyl Styles

Your style is reflected throughout your home for all to see; in the chairs you bought for the living room and in the artwork displayed on your walls. Your style lives and expresses itself from room to room, indoors and out.

It goes without saying then that your style will also be communicated  through your flooring. To help you find your style of vinyl, we've created these pages. Because the number of vinyl choices, patterns, colors, textures and price points can intimidate even the most experienced shopper. Knowing the basic types can provide you with a firm foundation upon which to begin your vinyl flooring shopping journey.

  • advanced from that of yesterday
  • no more shiney floors that easily dent and rip
  • broad selection of fashionable colors, patterns and textures
  • new products emulate the look of natural stone, slate or ceramic tile
  • new productscan fit into any budget
  • What you need to know:
  • found in the kitchen, bath or laundry room areas
  • practical, functional and fashionable
  • for active households
  • known to be cushiony and warm underfoot
  • easier to remove than a grouted ceramic tile or natural stone floor
  • potentially save you time and money if and when replacement is due


  • you get what you pay for
  • more expensive gets you more versatile patterns, colors and textures
  • premium wearlayers offer superior resistance to stains, scuffs and scratches
  • premium wearlayers are enhanced with aluminum oxide providing resistance to scratching
  • better wearlayers make it easy to clean
  • better products =  better performance

Size of the pattern

  • consider the size of the room and the size of the pattern
  • lighter colors will make a smaller room appear larger
  • darker colors will absorb the light for a more intimate setting
  • smaller pattern works well in small areas or in rooms where the pattern will be visually interrupted with pieces of furniture
  • larger patterns can sometimes actually visually expand a room

Other considerations

  • consider any printed fabric on your furniture or wallpaper in the room
  • if fabric or wallpaper is a large-scale print, use smaller patterns for the floor
  • small-scale pattern in the fabric or wallpaper, use a larger pattern for the floor
  • selection of gloss levels to suit your needs
  • lower the gloss level, the more forgiving your floor will be
kitchen vinyl floors

Vinyl Maintenance

Flooring, no matter how new or beautiful, is meant to be walked upon. Vinyl flooring is no exception. Time and the onslaught of foot traffic will most certainly take its toll. But take heart, keeping your vinyl flooring as beautiful and inviting as the day it was installed just requires a little knowledge. So, check out the following advice and be a little smarter about smart and stylish vinyl flooring.

New vinyl floors are extremely durable and long lasting, but like any floor covering they still need regular maintenance to stay looking like new. Follow these general guidelines for vinyl flooring. For more detailed information always refer to the manufacturer's written floor care procedures. You can't avoid wear on your vinyl flooring, but knowing how to care for and maintain it can keep you floor in beautiful condition and make it a source of pride for years to come.

For the first 24 hours after your new vinyl floor is installed, protect all the seamed areas.
Keep the room at 68° F or greater for at least 2 days after installation.

  • Do not roll heavy objects directly on to a newly installed vinyl floor for at least 5 days.
  • Allow 5 days before thoroughly washing your floor.
  • Lay plywood down before moving heavy objects.
  • Check the condition of rollers and casters before use.
  • Protect your vinyl floor by covering the legs of furniture with felt protectors.
  • Remove dust, sand and grit particles.
  • Don't use a vacuum with a beater bar.
  • Rinse the floor thoroughly with fresh water after cleaning
  • Place non-staining, walk-off mats or rugs at every outside entry to your room.
  • Be sure to avoid using rubber-backed mats or rugs.
  • Use rugs specially designed for vinyl floors.
  • For spots or spills, wipe them up immediately.
  • Make sure the floor's manufacturer recommends the cleaner you are using.
  • Avoid using abrasive scrubbing tools.
  • Never use abrasive cleaners, soaps, paste waxes, or solvents on your vinyl floor.
  • If you purchased a PVC vinyl floor you should consider placing 2-3 coats of the manufacturer's recommended floor polish on the floor immediately.
  • Cover open seams immediately.
  • If your floor gets a cut or gouge in it, cover the area immediately and call your flooring professional.
  • Urethane floors finish can darken over time.
  • For more maintenance information specific to your vinyl flooring, remember to consult the manufacturers' recommendations.
bathroom vinyl flooring

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